Curry leaf powder


Curry leaves/ karuvepillai 2 cup (tightly packed)
Urad dal 1/2 cup
Dry red chilli 1/2 piece optional
Tamarind small piece
Salt as needs
Asafoetida 1/4 Tsp

Wash the curry leaves and pat them dry them using a kitchen towel.
Spread them out to air dry for a few hours.
In a pan add the urad dal and red chilli, fry till golden brown and keep it aside.
In the same pan add oil and add the tamarind and asafoetida saute for 2-3 minutes in a low flame.
Keep aside.
Add the curry leaves and sauté slowly till they slightly shrink and dry. Add salt to this and switch off the flame.
When cool, grind this into a fine powder in a mixer.

1. If you want to add garlic you can crush 1 or 2 pods and roast this while roasting the dals and grind.
2.If you want this a coarse powder, grind the dal into fine powder and lastly add the curry leaves and just pulse it once or twice.
3.Can add half portion of urad dal and half portion of channa dal to this.
4.Store this in an airtight container and always handle this with a clean, dry spoon.

Shelf life – Stores 2 weeks in an airtight container.

Carrot Chapatti with wheat flour

Wheat flour 1 1/2 cup
Carrot , grated 1 cup
Cumin pwdr 1/2 tsp
Chilli Powde 1/2 tsp (optional)

In a mixing bowl, add wheat flour, grated carrot, cumin pwdr , chilli powder & salt mix well.
Add warm water little by little to make a dough and keep aside for 10 mins.
Make small balls from the dough and roll it into round chapatis using a rolling pin.
Heat tava/griddle and when hot, place the chapatti, flip over after 5-10 seconds. Now pour a little oil , (about 1 tsp) on the chapatis and flip over again. Cook till done.
Serve with coriander chutney