6 year update!


6 years old in Year 1 and doesn’t stop talking!

  • Pet- Kitten
  • Colour- Pink, Golden, Orange & Red, Purple, Silver, Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Aqua & Brown. All colours except white.
  • Fruit- Mango
  • Vegetable- Beetroot & Bokchoy
  • Fav food- Yogurt rice and beetroot
  • Fav snack- Cheese crackers and carrot sticks, yummy oreo cookies and a cup of boost.
  • Fav sweet thing- Cupcake with icing on top
  • Fav ice-cream flavour- Vanilla
  • Best friend in school- Emma
  • Most fav person in the world- Mom, Dad, Ammama & Vigin.
  • Best game- Blueshoe
  • TV Show- Magic Schoolbus on Netflix
  • Activity- Crafts with paper, sticky tape, colour pencils, crayons and scissors
  • Loves to sing and dance, play hide n seek, play Lego with dad.
  • Swims like a champ- Swim classes only started in April 2018 and 4 months she is doing pretty well.
  • Starts singing classes this week
  • Says 2 and 3 times tables. Learnt it fm dad on a Saturday when I was at work
  • Got a sweet tooth like me

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