Tulsi and thoughts…

Muted whirring of the old heater on the floor, softly throwing waves of heat in the otherwise cold room. It’s dark but thoughts are darting, from one memory to the next…. The dark sky outside, with the lonely moon casting its glow. Tonight it’s starless, just the bony shadows of the tree outside the window. Nights like this make me think, think of what, I don’t know. Sometimes it’s feels alive to just rest my mind and not be cut by incisive thoughts. I stretch my legs and feel the soft blanket under my feet. If I really strain my ears,I can hear, the insistent crickets amidst my tulsi plant. My tulsi plant, yes. Fully blossomed just the other day. Filled with vibrant green, fragrant leaves. They are a treat to the eyes that pass. Coy as a bride, but ever graceful. I never believed for a thousand years that the leaves held such a sharp, caustic taste, discovered by my sweet child. She plucked the leaves off the plant and grinning mischievously she stuffed them into her mouth. Giggly and sly, she chewed it fast, least mother would grab it out of her errant hands. The leaves were sharp, with bursts of sweet, mingled with spicy undertones. It was so mellow yet so strong, only a experienced tongue could taste their nuances.
Today I looked out my window, amidst the grey skies of the sky. And all the leaves had but fallen. It look like a forlorn moulting python. It probably has but it’s moods, sometimes blossoming yet other times withdrawn. It’s reminds me of none other but me, swaying to the voices of my mind. Sleep eludes me on this chilly night, though my mind is filled with warmth and love. As I hear the soft breathing of my child, and feel her warm body curled next to mine.


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