Pasta brocolli


Boil very well salted water.
Cut one big head of broccoli into florets and add to boiling water.
When broccoli is three quarters of the way to being cooked throw in your pasta to the same water, any pasta will do.
Once the pasta is cooked drain into a colander put back into saucepan.
Add a big splash of olive oil and serve immediately.
The broccoli creams up into a sauce for the pasta.

Source – vegan gentle parenting from Facebook.


Vegetable Miso Soup



Zucchini 2, dice large chunks (with skin on)
Carrot 2, chop in circles
Swedes/ turnips 1, dice into cubes
Capsicum 1/2, large chunks
Leek- 1/2 cup, finely sliced to get circles
Spinach – 2 handfuls
Dried Japanese Shiitake mushroom – about 6 dried mushrooms , 1/2 cup
Seaweed sheets (wakame), 1 sheet torn into pieces
Dark Miso paste (to serve)
Rice/ Mung bean vermicelli noodles

Add water to a large pot and add dried mushrooms so they start rehydrating.In the meantime, start peeling & chopping all the vegetables.
Once hot, add all the hard vegetables like carrot and turnip. Then after few minutes add softer veg like zucchini and leek. Once the whole dried mushrooms has softened, remove them and slice before adding back to the pan again. Add the leaves like wakame & spinach last so they don’t over cook. Cook for about 10 minutes or till veg are all cooked but not too soft. Add vermicelli noodles into soup and let it cook for 5 mins.
Ladle into bowls and serve with about 1 tbsp miso paste stirred into each bowl of soup.

1. Since miso is a living food, boiling it will destroy its beneficial enzymes, which is why the recipe calls for adding it in at the very end.
2. Wakame is a thin piece of seaweed that can be found fresh or dried. It’s different from nori (the dry, brittle sheets of seaweed used for sushi rolls), but you could also substitute nori if that’s what you have on hand
3. No salt or pepper is necessary as all the flavours come from the miso paste.


This is the vermicelli my friend used.


Sushi rolls

Sushi rolls
Nori seaweed sheets
Sushi rice/ medium short grain rice- cooked 2 cups
Rice wine Vinegar/ apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp
Sugar (optional) 2 tsp
Sushi roll add ins::
Cucumber, Avocado, Carrot (cut lengthwise), slightly thick
Canned Tuna in olive oil (drained thoroughly)
Boiled/scrambled eggs(boiled egg is cut lengthwise)


To make rice::
Cook 2 cups sushi rice in rice cooker till done.
Mix 4 tbsp rice wine vinegar and 4 tbsp sugar till sugar is dissolved. Add it to cooked rice and mix well. Keep aside.
To make rolls::
Lay seaweed nori roll on sushi mat, add a thin layer of rice 3/4 of the way upwards. Never spread rice all the way on nori roll as you cant roll the sushi well as the rice may burst out when rolling. Also the rice will take over the vegetables and compromise the taste.
After rice, add vegetable like carrot & avo, avo & cucumber, egg, carrot, cucumber, tuna & carrot or any combination of 2-3 ingredients and roll into tight rolls. Cut into 1 cm thick rolls with knife dipped in warm water.
Serve with soy sauce and wasabi.


2 year update

A quick update of lil Z’s like n dislikes at 28 months. She has some strong opinions about everything and I’m loving seeing the fire in her personality! She is one spunky monkey.

Vegetable: Broccoli
Fruit: All fruits . Mango is a fav.
Colour: Green
Cartoon: Peppa pig
Snack: Marie biscuit at 4 pm everyday.
Calls me: Mama
Calls him: Dada
Wants: Pink rabbit
Sleeps: Late everyday
Pet: wants a rabbit
Play: Tent. Pulls up our blanket and wants to play tent with mom n dad all the time.
Favourites- Dosa, chapati, brushing her teeth, beading , finger-painting, walks, picking flowers, snuggling with mama, jumping in muddy puddles, chocolate, reading books.
Hates- drinking water, nappy change, washing her face, loud noises, changing clothes,