Snack/Lunch ideas for children

In this age of packaged food, I cringe when I see some of the children’s lunch/snacks.
Prepackaged drinks filled with sugar, chips loaded with fats and preservatives, mac n cheese that can be heated and eaten straight from the box, small snack sized packets of dried fruit, etc.

With a little planning and effort it’s not difficult to make delicious homemade snacks that will nourish your childrens body, mind and soul.

Here are some ideas-
veg & tofu stirfrys
steamed veg wth rice
quinoa cakes
miso soups
fruit salads
mixed salads with homemade dressings
cold rice varieties
wholemeal salad wraps
vegan muesli bars
rice cakes,hummus/babaganoush dip herbal tea in a small thermos/flask
pesto & vegetable sandwich
avocado sushi
hummus wraps
sandwich with either tahini, hummus or pesto
dried fruits and veges in a dehydrator
vegan ‘meatballs’ and cous cous (served hot/cold)
potato salads
crackers and dips
wild rice
vegetable udon noodles
quinoa with a bit of basil & pinenuts stirred through
marinated tofu slices
fresh cut veggies such as red capsicum, cucumber, snow peas, carrots
treats such as primal strips
bliss balls
dark chocolate
homemade custard
pita with tahini dip and falafel
raw veggies (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green beans)
boiled and spiced corn kernels vegemite sandwiches
vegan cheese sandwiches
hummus wrap
avocado/tofu sushi rolls
spinach triangles
soy/coconut/full-fat yogurt
a packet of the orgran outback animal biscuits
soy on the go soy milk
apple chips, banana chips
brown rice chips
home made muffin/cupcake/cookie
acai dried fruit bars
puffed corn
tempeh schnitzel and mashed potato

spaghetti with lentil bolognaise curry and rice



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