Peas peas peas- 15 months food


Peas *pause* Peas *pause* Peas *pause* Peas …… And on she goes until she gets her bowl of peas.
This 15 month old munchkin is on a pea eating mission. She wants peas for breakfast, lunch,dinner and in-between. I wonder if peas qualifies as a wholesome diet in itself.
If it’s not peas sautéed in butter, peas in a curry, peas in a pilaf, peas patties, peas in potato or even peas straight out of the freezer. The other day we went to the botanical garden near our house to feed the ducks and when I pulled out the bag of frozen peas for the ducks, this ill duck ate them all. I must be happy at least it’s not something unhealthy like chocolate that’s she asks for! But that’s probably cause shes never tasted it 🙂

Apart from peas, these are the other food shes enjoyed this month. She is one foodie, this girl!

Avo on toast
Followed by soaked sultanas, raisins, cranberries

Rice and dal
Pressure cooked veggies
potato peas patties
Vermicelli with peas

Mash vegetables
Rasam,dal and rice
Rice and green mung bean curry with ghee
Custard with mashed bananas and maple syrup

Fruit of the month – Grapes
Other fruits she enjoys-
Orange segments
Ripe peaches
Ripe plums

On a typical day this is her diet @ 15 months::
7.30 am BF on waking
8.30 am Breakfast- avocado on toast, Soaked sultanas, raisins,cranberries, dry blueberries/ fresh raspberry or blueberry/steamed pear slices/banana chunks, followed by a BF
11-12 pm- Nap. BF on waking
1.30 pm Lunch- Mashed rice in dal with vegetables like carrot, peas, asparagus and snow peas. Fruit like peach or nectarine or grapes
4 pm Snack-2-3 rock-melon slices/Marie biscuit/bellamys pinkie fruit fingers/dehydrated apple or pear snack. Followed by BF
5.30 pm Dinner- custard with banana sweetened with maple syrup/rice and vegetable/ rava upma/ vermicelli upma with peas. Followed by BF
7 pm Small snack of fruit like orange or banana
7.30 BF and then bedtime

Ghee added to all her foods as its very valuable for her brain and nervous system development.

Dislike –
Nappy changes
Being massaged before bath
Being told its time for bed
Waiting for food
Mom leaving her to cook
Hair wash(cries)

Peas (that’s a no-brainer after reading this article)
Watching peppa pig
Going to park every evening
Meeting new kids

She uses the potty every morning since 3 days. As soon as she wakes I carry her and sit her on her potty after removing her nappy and she pees inside it. Then asks me to help her up and then waits while I flush the contents and then wash the potty.
Yesterday she did her first poop in the potty too. As soon as I saw her trying to poop,I removed her nappy, took her straight away and sat her on the potty and she did the big job.
I am so proud of my baby and feel waves of nostalgia as I watch her grow into such a warm and affectionate little person.
So before the clock strikes midnight, here’s posting her 15 month milestones cause she’s gonna turn 16 months in under an hour!


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