Snack ideas for a toddler

My little girl is a super-energetic active ball of energy at 14 months and I’m always trying to think up new snack options to create variety since she loves trying new things and is very experimental when it comes to food.

These are some of the ideas given to me by my group of moms when I was desperate for ideas one day. They would work from toddlerhood to teens and i felt it deserved a post in itself. I will keep adding to it as I come up with more.

Vege sticks-carrot, cucumber, steamed peas, lettuce
crackers with hummus
rice crackers
chickpeas (just plain or seasoned)
fruit chopped up
sushi (tofu or avocado)
not chicken nuggets
tofu cubes fried up
mini wrap with salad and hummus
plain corn chips with dips
energy drink (banana smoothies with a tbs of soaked chia)
raw, non dairy mouse (avocado and cacao)
rice paper rolls packed with all the colours of the rainbow vegetables
Little rolled bliss balls (made with cacao, dates, chia and coconut oil then roiled in coconut)
homemade muesli bars
rice crackers with dip
rice/corn cakes with avocado,
arancini balls (without crumbs – just roll cooled risotto into balls)
cheese sticks (cut from a block of cheese)
little tub of mixed nuts & dried fruit
rice cakes with avocado,
corn/rice cakes with homemade peanut butter
Mini- muffins (sweet or savoury)


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