Oat & Date smoothie

My favorite breakfast. It’s quick and healthy. Oats is the most healthy breakfast you can have and its so versatile.
It’s very highly recommended in breastfeeding as it increases milk supply.
I prefer organic,rolled oats. It is more robust and flavorsome than quick oats and less processed. The dates and ghee makes this feel like your having dessert for breakfast. Now that’s saying something!

Rolled oats 3 tbsp
Medjool dates 2
Water 1 cup
Ghee (clarified butter) 1 tsp

In a pan, add water, oats and pitted dates. Cook.
Puree in a mixe. Pour into mug and stir through melted ghee.

If you don’t have a soft variety like medjool date, then use any date but soak in water for few hours. I find it easy to soak overnight and then make this next morning. The dates swell up with the soaking and blend readily. Of course if you like your smoothie with chunky, chewy date pieces,don’t bother with the soaking.



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