Im Grateful……

For this minute, for being able to breathe, live, love….

For my daughter, to be able to hear her call me “mumma” ,to experience the immeasurable joy of being able to give birth to another human being….

For a roof over my head,that’s protects me from the harshest sun and the strongest wind, that gives me warmth and shelter on a rainy night

For sleep, these hours of blissful , sound unconsciousness that replenishes my body, nourishes my soul and rejuvenates my senses to face another day

For discovering yoga, to cleanse my mind and take me closer to the higher consciousness

For poetry, the wonderful poets of yesteryear and for ones yet to come….who weave magic with their thoughts and spin it into silken, flowing words

For trees that keep us breathing with their life- giving oxygen

For friends who make me smile on days when everything seems mundane and monotonous

For those very mundane and monotonous days, cause they are better than days filled with fruitless activity and unhealthy chatter

For food within my arms reach,whenever I feel it. For never feeling hunger and starvation

For opening my eyes to compassion towards animals and the fact that all living beings are one.

For seeing me in you

For all the good experiences and the bad, for through bad ones ,I grow stronger and wiser

For every single relationship and person I have met from the moment I entered this earth. They have been my teachers.

For today, the ability to live this very moment and be alive.

I’m grateful to be grateful …..


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