Avocado, first love


The health benefits of avocados also extend to the smallest members of your family. Avocados as a first food at about 6 months of age work perfectly because they are slightly sweet and incredibly easy to digest for your baby.

My favorite things to mix with avocados for baby food are banana followed by mango. But my little one loves it just by itself.

I ate a whole avocado most mornings during my pregnancy. When I started solids for my baby, avocado was her first food and she took to it like a fish to water.

Of course the best thing about avocados is the fact that there is literally no preparation involved. Cut and eat straight out of its shell. And since its raw, its ensured you’re getting the full health benefits of avocados. No nutrients lost through cooking. Can it get any easier?

I prefer to buy and eat fresh avos everyday . However, If you want to freeze, best to freeze individual slivers of avocado separately so they don’t stick together. You can also dunk each slice into a mixture of water to which a few drops of lemon juice are added before freezing to prevent browning. Then, when you’re ready to feed baby, take a slice of it out of the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge before mashing for your baby.

With older children, avocados are great, dense sources of healthy fats, which is helpful for vegan children. My favorites are simple guacamole sandwiches with sliced vegetables and whole grain breads, chocolate avocado mousse, and smoothies with avocado mixed in.

3 reasons why avocados are good for everyone-

1. Valuable Fat

The first and best health benefit in an avocado is from the monounsaturated fats. This monounsaturated fat lessen your LDL cholesterol, which is harmful to your body. On the other hand, HDL cholesterol has been called “good cholesterol,” and there is speculation that monounsaturated fat actually raises this type of cholesterol.

2. Fiber Content

The second reason that you ought to be reminding yourself to eat avocados is their relatively high fiber content. A typical avocado will contain both insoluble and soluble fiber; that alone makes it very powerful, since not many foods can brag about containing both kinds of fiber.
Insoluble fiber is great at cleaning out your bowels by way of increasingly efficient bowel movements. Most babies when starting solids get constipated, avocados are a gentle food, making the transition to solids easy for baby.
Soluble fiber is great for appetite control. So is great for athletes and those who are strength training and need the energy. It has the effect of making you feel full as it’s one of the most nutrient dense foods.

3. Vitamins

The vitamins that you can find in an avocado are B vitamins along with vitamin K and vitamin E. B vitamins help the body’s metabolism and its maintenance of a healthy skin tone, while vitamin K plays a fundamental role in maintaining bone density and blood clotting. Vitamin E is essential for hair and eye health. Vit E is great for brain development in babies as it protects the myelin sheath in the nervous system. Its antioxidant properties pack a powerful punch by preventing free radical damage.

As I say, “Have an avo, everyday!”


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