9 months food

Adventurous days are here.9 months is a golden age,my munchkin can communicate, love talking and self feeding is pretty much established. She loves new tastes and I love whipping up new things for her. I am starting to add more herbs and spices too as I want her to have a varied palate.
She eats::
Pasta spirals in veggie sauce
Rasam rice with ghee
Veg and mung dhal kitchdi
Banana and avocado
Green mung bean soup – Puree coarsely
Cooked Chickpea puree
Whole Wheat bread strips with ghee
Stewed Pear
Wheat Noodles
Vegetable and rice soup
Baby num-num rice biscuits
Wheat chapattis (indian bread) smeared with ghee(clarified butter)

Mixed berry and yogurt smoothie (fm moms glass)


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