All about Apples


Apple varieties and their uses::

Sweet, mild, crisp and juicy. Don’t be fooled by red skin color. A yellow to golden ground color is a much better indicator of best eating quality. Keeps well.

Excellent for fresh eating and salads – good for sauce. They are excellent when eaten fresh. They are also fine for cooking and they store well.

Sweet and aromatic with a rich full flavor. Typically, it has a red blush over a creamy yellow background. The sweet flesh is cream-colored, rather dense, and aromatic. Gala ripens in late summer, and is best enjoyed for fresh eating during its harvest season from late August through September.

Excellent for fresh eating and salads. They are best used fresh out of hand or in salads. They are just the right size to tuck into a pocket or handbag. CAUTION: Cooking destroys both its aroma and texture.

Granny Smith
Mrs. Maria Smith nurtured the first seedling in the mid 1800’s. A richly flavored apple, the Granny Smith is the world’s best known green variety. Tart, pleasant flavor and bouquet. Market season is year-round.

Good for all-purpose use. Granny Smith apples are crisp. They are excellent for salads and fresh eating. Good for baking. Their tangy flavor comes through when baked and sauteed.

Pink Lady
Grown throughout Australia, and also in South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, California, Washington State, Italy and Provence in the south of France.

Use as a dessert apple with cheese, as a snack on its own, in salads or for pies.

Red Delicious
Large and long, with six small knobs at the end of the apple opposite the stem. Its color is usually dark red, with darker stripes, although some are yellow. Sweet and juicy, it is usually eaten raw. The market season is from October until Spring.

Best for snacking and in salads. They are poor for baking.


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